Dr. Rayna Rapp to Speak at PHTT 2019

We are pleased to have Dr. Rayna Rapp as an international speaker for our conference that is coming up in less than a week!

Dr. Rapp joins us from New York University where she is a Professor and Associate Chair of Anthropology, specializing in gender and health; the politics of reproduction; science, technology, and genetics; and disability in the United States and Europe. Her 1999 book, Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: the Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America, received multiple awards upon release and has been praised for providing “invaluable insights into the first generation of women who had to decide whether or not to terminate their pregnancies on the basis of amniocentesis result”. She has also contributed to over 80 published works to the field of anthropology, independently, as a co-author, editor, and foreword-writing. Dr. Rapp’s work with long-time co-author Faye Ginsburg focuses on disability, reproduction, science, and social structures. They have “pursued research and writing project the rising public presence and consciousness of disability as an aspect of US culture since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990”. In addition to their joint work among family, media, legal, and educational innovators in this growing sector, they are also conducting fieldwork in scientific laboratories on brain research about learning, memory, childhood cognitive, emotional, and behavioral diagnoses and epigenetics. Kinship relations lie at the heart of the disability landscape and is one of the three social systems that form the core of PHTT 2019. As such, Dr. Rapp too was involved in interviewing families across a wide array of social locations who have had the experience of having a child diagnosed with special educational categories and services. In essence, Dr. Rapp’s fieldwork concerns the rise of disability consciousness.