Reflections on PHTT: Past Participant Interview #2

The second deadline is just on our heels, and to encourage some last minute applications, we reached out to another past participant, Hannah, for a statement on their experience at Public Health Think Tank. Hannah is a current junior studying social research and public policy at NYUAD from the United States. 

“My sophomore year I had the pleasure of participating in the 2018 Public Health Think Tank aimed at tackling cardiovascular disease, which affects many patients in the UAE and beyond. My team, which included one of my classmates and two students from other universities, decided to propose a project collaborating with restaurants to raise awareness on heart-healthy nutrition. While brainstorming and refining ideas, it was exciting to see each individual’s experiences inform and enrich the team’s dialogue.” 

For those of you who have already applied and been accepted, Hannah had some words to share about what to expect and advice for how to approach the weekend. 

“At PHTT, you’ll have the chance to work with talented team members from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, giving you a chance to think and learn across disciplines. Health and the factors that impact it are immensely complex, and you will soon be entering a unique environment dedicated to collaborating and innovating solutions to a profound challenge. Come with an open mind and be ready to listen, discuss, and build on your teammates ideas. Remember that most robust health innovations are sensitive to the people they serve and attuned to the multifaceted challenges they face, so embrace constructive criticism and don’t be discouraged. You have an amazing weekend ahead of you!”

We hope that you all will have as great time as Hannah, and look forward to hearing all your testimonies if you’re willing to share when the time comes!